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Rachel Pater

Mountainside, NJ

As a former athlete who attended St. John Fisher College on a basketball scholarship, the wear and tear of playing the sport I loved led to osteoarthritis in both hips. I was walking with a terrible limp and had constant hip pain. I consulted a doctor in New Jersey who just allowed me to get worse. I finally decided to call Dr. Maynard who saw me quickly and told me I was bone on bone on the right hip. Surgery was necessary and eventually would be on the left side too. I had my first replacement in May 2016 and the second in July 2017 (age 45 and 46). I couldn't be happier! I walk without a limp and I'm pain-free. I worked very hard at my recovery and while I won't be trying out for a basketball team I do shoot hoops with my boys and enjoy a variety of activities. Dr. Maynard is the best and I'm so thankful to him and the HSS staff!