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Noah Avallone

Montauk, NY
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I hurt myself at a carnival of all places, jumping off a bouncy castle. As a kid that surfs, skates, and snowboards to the extreme, this was a major surprise to me and my parents! We were all concerned since I broke my foot in 4 places (in October) with the upcoming snowboarding season starting in just a few short weeks. I saw Dr. Green and he put me in a pretty cool soft boot aircast. I was still able to move around while my foot was healing. I even skated with it on towards the end...shhhh :)

To make a long story short, I was able to snowboard again in December and started winning or making the podium in nearly all my competitions starting in January up in Southern Vermont. I had a great season, ending up as the overall National Champion in Groms (age 8-9) when I competed in Colorado during the National Championships in April.

I am thankful for the care I received from Dr. Green. I plan to stay focused on my board sports and stay away from bouncy castles in the future...LOL.