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Judith Amster

Stamford, CT
  • Judith Amster in the photo 1

I am an active Equestrian competitor & real estate professional who suffered for years with hip pain. I sought the injection, pain medication & PT routes to no avail and went on a quest to find a surgeon who would tell me there was some magic cure that did not involve surgery! Wrong!! As my biggest concern was getting back up on my horse, most surgeons looked at me as if I was crazy & said I would need to wait at least 9 months... that is until I met a hip and knee surgeon at HSS in Stamford. Yes, he did recommend total hip replacement and would do the anterior approach. How long to get back to riding would depend on me, but here I am 8 weeks after surgery, riding my beloved partner, "Brownie", again 3-4 times a week!!! Oh I did I mention I did return to work after 2 weeks showing homes again! Thank you to my surgeon and his staff.

So whether you want to talk about horses or you are thinking of buying or selling your home, feel free to reach out to me!