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John DePasquale

Locust Valley, NY
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As a volunteer firefighter, weightlifter and surfer I put my shoulders through continual stress over the years. I lived with chronic shoulder pain everyday. I learned about Dr. Joshua Dines through my research trying to find the best doctor for my chronic problem. I met with Dr. Dines and in no time had both shoulders operated on. Dr. Dines was extremely professional and kind throughout the entire procedures from pre through post. Because of his fine work my rehab was smooth and quick, I had full range of motion in both shoulders 2-3 weeks after the operations. A few months after the operations I won my first power lifting competition bench pressing 315 pounds, which could not have been achieved if I didn't have my operations done by Dr. Dines. I am stronger and happier than I have ever been, I thank Dr. Dines and everyone else at HSS for making my surgeries go extremely smoothly. I continue to recommend Dr. Dines to all my friends and family.