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Joe Dunne

Manasquan, NJ
  • Joe Dunne in the photo 1

Having had a previous knee replacement surgery, I was not looking forward to going through it again. But my diagnosis indicated a need for surgery, and having had 3 previous orthopedic procedures at HSS I was confident I would find a great surgeon and would receive the best care. After reading Dr. Gausden's bio I called for an appointment. After meeting with her, I was ready. From pre-surgery prep through discharge just 24 hours later, I felt I had been in the hands of a highly skilled surgeon as well as the best nursing and medical team one could hope to have. Following surgery, from the moment I was brought to my room, I felt I was recovering. 24 hours later I was headed home. This knee replacement has far exceeded my expectations. Over the the past six weeks I have experienced manageable pain levels, daily improvements in my motion and strength in the new knee, and comfortable and productive physical therapy sessions. Through this period I have always felt Dr. Gausden and her team have been directly involved in my recovery, closely monitoring my condition and being immediately responding to any questions and concerns. My goal was to be able to return to the game of golf by 10-12 weeks out of surgery. Six weeks and 5 days after surgery, I, today, rejoined my foursome and returned back to the game.