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Joanne DePaul

Rutherford, NJ
  • Joanne DePaul in the photo 1

After almost a year of debilitating lower back, buttock, and thigh pain, especially upon normal every day movements, I was given the diagnosis of severe spinal stenosis with a laminectomy solution. As a retired RN, I knew about the long recovery, not to mention the complications of a spinal fusion. My son and a good friend urged me to seek a second opinion at HSS. By this time, I was walking in a mild curved position to relieve the pain. My call to HSS matched me with Dr. James Dowdell and my first meeting with him was enlightening! His thorough explanation of a less invasive but successful surgery (laminotomy) and his personable, calm manner put me at ease. Immediately an epidural was ordered first. Dr. Naimish Baxi performed this and he was also very explanatory and comforting. However, pain returned in a few days, hence the laminotomy was performed on 9/17/2021 by Dr. Dowdell. I stayed overnight and the care I received on 6 East was exceptional. I am one month out and have my full active life back! I can stand up straight with ease! I'm driving, spending time with my seven grandchildren, back to church and volunteer activities, and soon to return to my part time retail job at Macy's Herald Square! Dr. Dowdell is a true asset to HSS Spine. He guided me through all the aspects of surgery and recovery and I am indebted to his expertise, professionalism, congenial manner and skill as a surgeon and kindness as a person!