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J Feren

Shoreham, NY
  • J Feren in the photo 1

I had originally gone to another surgeon and hospital for my first surgery. One year later I was unable to stand up straight or sit down without being in a tremendous amount of pain. The thought of a drop foot or even paralysis was haunting me. I then was faced with the thought of an endless cycle of surgeries that you hear about from people who have had spine surgery. Stressed out, I started looking into the best surgeon and hospital I could find. After doing my homework and seeing several different surgeons, the choice was clear. I had gone with Dr Cammisa and his team of EXPERTS! He explained every detail about the procedure and what to expect after the surgery. His team also furnished me with patients that were my age that had had the same procedure done. He was spot on folks. He was everything I had hoped for in a top notch surgeon from beginning to end.

Moving on to post op care. Having gone with another doctor and hospital originally I have something to compare my stay at HSS to. Clean, caring, and professional until the day I went home. What more could you ask for!

The only regret I have is not going to Dr Cammisa first. I truly believe if I had gone to him first I would only have required only one surgery. He is a remarkable, talented, and gifted surgeon. I am 100% pleased with Dr Cammisa and his team!