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Donna Berry

St Albans, NY
  • Donna Berry in the photo 1

What a great experience!!! I was knock kneed and "pigeon toed" all of my life, which made it difficult to enjoy or compete in gymnastics. I later took to studying dance in high school and was below average as the 1st position in dance requires to touch your heels. The better "straight leg" you were, the better you performed in dance. At this point in my life, I do participate in liturgical dance in the Christian church that I attend and the movements were still challenging as it incorporates all of the same principles that I learned in dance from John Dewey High School. Over the years I developed Osteoarthritis in both knees, which affected my daily life activities. After the knee replacement surgery, now I just feel wonderful and I am grateful for the decision to have bilateral knee replacement surgery at HSS on Tuesday, 2/21/17. As I am writing this, I have not taken pain medications since I was released from a local acute rehab facility. The occupational and physical therapists were great there as well. Today is Friday, 3/10/17, and I live alone and I am managing the staircases in my 3-level single home. The best result is no more pain in the knees. I look forward to Summer 2017 as I feel wonderful. All the best to Dr. Peter Sculco and the tremendous HSS staff. The nurse care was quite exceptional and responded to my bell calls with a smile and compassion.