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AnnaMaria Saccente

South Plainfield, NJ
  • AnnaMaria Saccente in the photo 1

Dear Dr. Rose,

Before saying that you are an extraordinary doctor, I want to tell you that you are an extraordinary human being.

Thank you for teaching me that trust in a caring, compassionate doctor like you has been key to my successful surgeries. Your unmatched expertise and kindness, along with the trust and faith I have in you, has given me the strength to follow through on two joint replacements, and going on my third one. You have helped me focus on how far I have come, rather than how far I have to go. I say to you, I would not have gone through these surgeries with any other doctor.

God must have known I needed your help, and so He brought you into my life. Your passion for using your gifted hands has given me the ability to walk again.

I cannot ever repay you for your gifts to me as you have changed the quality of my life forever. I so appreciate you and what you do.