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Ananya Baruah

Old Bridge, NJ
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After many years of knee pain, occasional swelling and stiffness, I was finally diagnosed with arthritis caused by misaligned kneecaps and knock knees. I already had severe arthritis in my left knee and my right knee was also beginning to deteriorate. I saw many orthopedic surgeons to get a solution to this problem and they had nothing much to offer me other than some pain relief booster shots and occasional knee aspiration. I was at my early 30s and I could not even walk more than 15 mins at a time. Also, there was always a constant dull pain, stiffness and heaviness in both my knees. I had almost given up and was very depressed because I could not do any of the physical activities I enjoyed doing like hiking, running, biking, playing sports. I have always been an outdoor person and even the easiest activity like walking was becoming more and more impossible to do anymore. I suffered this pain for almost 10 years because no one could diagnose it correctly at first and when I was diagnosed, it was already very late.

I found HSS and Dr. Austin Fragomen on the internet and read some really good reviews about both the hospital and the surgeons. So, for one last time I build up some hope and came to see Dr. Austin T. Fragomen in early 2016. He gave me a patient hearing and very kindly explained his strategy to fix my problem. It was not going to be an easy fix but I was convinced to face it for the sake of my own sanity.

So, in July 2016 I underwent a bilateral femoral osteotomy to straighten my left knock knee and arthroscopy to clean up the cartilage damage of the left knee. Later in December, I underwent the same surgery for the right leg and knee. I started PT about 12-14 weeks after each surgery. I had to be on crutches for about 12-16 weeks post-surgery each time. By mid-2017 I was already walking better and feeling more normal.

I will have to mention one thing though, that the procedures did entail a lot of excruciating pain and discomfort post-surgery, but the medical team did everything to reduce my sufferings as much as possible. I knew this prior to the surgeries because Dr. Fragomen explained everything to me in advance and also assured me that I would be looked after well. And with the results I see now, it all worked out well at the end and I have straight and pain-free legs now (and also gained a few mm in height!!).

In December 2017 right before Christmas, Dr. Fragomen removed the plates and screws from both my legs in an outpatient surgery and about 3 days later I was walking without any crutches and support.

After my post-op follow up visit with Dr. Fragomen, I started doing cardio and weight training in the gym to strengthen my legs. I have also started running and building up my stamina, stability and flexibility. I have been jogging very often now without any pain or swelling and this is an out of this world experience after a very long time!!!!

I and my family will forever be grateful to Dr. Austin Fragomen and his team for this excellent care and support all throughout. I call him my "angel" who gave me back my freedom to enjoy the things I love doing the most.