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Zoe Khalap

Gouldsboro, PA
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I am a Triathlete and marathon runner with Achilles International. I first met Dr. Metzl when he generously hosted the "Running Strong" book signing event for the benefit of Achilles International, a NYC-based running club for people with disabilities. He was so friendly and kind that, when I injured my frozen shoulder, I wanted to go see him for treatment. He took good care of me and suggested that we try physical therapy before anything more aggressive. My shoulder is has healed with full mobility and feels totally normal now.

About a year later, I started having pain in my hip while sleeping and driving, but not while running. At first it was with one hip and then both. After an MRI showed that I had torn labrums in both hips due to a structural issue, I received a referral to Dr. Bryan Kelly, one of the leading specialists in the world for my condition. I was fortunate to become his patient. He and his team treated me with steroid injections to relieve my pain and reduce inflammation inside the hip joints. He reassured me that exercise was not going to worsen my particular condition and encouraged me to keep doing sports. I was amazed how the team was able to complete additional screening and give me the injections immediately on the same day.

Dr. Kelly and Dr. Metzl are attentive, active listeners. Both are gentle giants with brilliant minds. Respectful, humble, kind gentlemen with great smiles and a sense of humor to match. They both had my best interest in mind when they decided how to treat me. Having type-1 diabetes for 30 years, it was better to avoid the healing process after surgeries and stay active as much as possible. So grateful that I was able to recover completely from both of those issues. They covered all the bases and gave me confidence to get back to training without worries. They are my heroes.

After treatment on my hips I went on to finish the NYC marathon for the 5th time in 2019. Last year, I completed several virtual races by running around my neighborhood, alone, with my husband Alex cheering me on. In 2021, I am looking forward to participating in Dr. Metzl's events, as well as NYRR races and triathlons with Achilles as soon as that becomes possible. Go HSS! See you at the finish line in November!