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164 Swimming Stories

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Swimming is not only is a good form of cardiovascular exercise, it can also decrease the amount of stress on your joints. The most effective way to minimize the risk of injury is to develop and maintain strength in the major muscle groups, including the rotator cuff, the muscles around the shoulder blade, and core. Need an anchor? Read how these swimmers were able to get back in the water.

After falling down the stairs and badly breaking my ankle a little over a year before I was supposed to get married in Mexico, I knew I had to find a doctor that I trusted and had confidence in to get me back on my feet fast! Doctor D didn't disappoint! He did a great job putting me back together with screws, metal plates, and anchors, and now I am as good as new and I was able to snorkel in Mexico, which is what I was most looking forward to! I am so happy with my choice to go to HSS and t ...

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Kristina - Staten Island, NY
Ankle Injury/Condition