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Terry Zisowitz

New York, NY

For over a year I suffered from pins and needles in my left arm and hand. I saw numerous spine doctors, hand doctors, and physical therapists. I underwent carpal tunnel and cubital tunnel surgery. Everyone agreed that I had double crush syndrome and the hope was that the carpal tunnel surgery would get rid of my symptoms. It did not. There was no doubt that I had degenerative discs at many levels of my cervical spine. I wanted to avoid neck surgery, but the constant pins and needles were adversely impacting my daily life. Among other things I could no longer play golf or swim without increasing the intensity of the pins and needles. I had sort of resigned myself to the idea that this was a chronic problem I would have to live with. At this point I was referred to Dr. Marci Goolsby. After talking to me and examining me she said that although she couldn't change the problems in my neck, that she bought she could get rid of or at least lessen the intensity of my symptoms. At my first visit she coordinated many consultations and treatments. She arranged for me to see Dr Albert, a wonderful and caring spine surgeon. She arranged for me to receive both hand therapy and physical therapy, she even arranged for a consultation with a therapist who specialized in treating people with chronic pain. She then started to treat me, on a regular basis with dry needling. Within a few visits the pins and needles began to disappear. I still see her for this treatment as without it my symptoms return from time to time. I can now play golf again, swim, and go about leading a normal life. I feel I owe this all to Dr. Goolsby and her amazing staff.