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Tara Kamm Corduan

Ridgewood, NJ
  • Tara Kamm Corduan in the photo 1

I dislocated my shoulder in a fluke injury on a dive during the US Masters Swim Nationals in Santa Clara, CA in 1999. A surgery to repair the labrum at a local hospital where I was living in south-central NJ left me with complications - chondrolysis, a frozen shoulder, a staph infection and RSD, now called CRPS. After two surgeries at the local hospital I had the good fortune of being referred to Dr. Williams, who treated me like a professional athlete and his most important patient, even though I was neither. Dr. Williams worked tirelessly to try to stop the progression of the chondrolysis; however, multiple surgeries later he conceded that although I was very young, it was my only course left in the hopes of living a more normal life. I had a full shoulder replacement. Dr. Williams called to check on me while I was still in the hospital on a weekend from his child's birthday party - that's how dedicated he was to my care. The final surgery was in 2006 and it was a long road to recovery because of my many complications, but I didn't just achieve a normal life. Last year I competed in the Ironman Lake Placid and for the swim portion of the race - I was on the leader board. I am an extremely active triathlete and endurance runner now, all thanks to the tireless care I received at HSS, and specifically with Dr. Williams and his staff.