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Susan Georges

Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • Susan Georges in the photo 1

Having severe pain in my groin and hips (right first then left), I was unable to walk or even stand for any length of time. After months of disability, fear, general emergency room and practitioner visits, and repeated failed requests to test my thyroid function (I had other symptoms of high blood pressure, sweats, headaches, fatigue), the test revealed I was 40% overmedicated from the thyroid medicine I had been on for several years.

As a result, I needed both hips replaced. My local doctor said he could do both at the same time. I responded, "Didn’t you hear you need a good leg to stand on?” I got on a plane to HSS' Main Campus in New York City and Dr. Amar Ranawat!

He did both surgeries a year apart. I traveled for both hips from Ft. Lauderdale to NYC. My scars are almost invisible and even on both sides. My recovery was fast and my rehab went well. I have had no discomfort, am walking, swimming, and even playing tennis again. Dr. Amar Ranawat and the team at HSS saved my life.

I had researched the four local hospitals on how many hip surgeries they did in a year, infection and repeat percentages. HSS did in a month what they did in a year!