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Simon Zeitzer

Philadelphia, PA
  • Simon Zeitzer in the photo 1

In May of 2013, I was injured at work. After two failed surgeries and numerous other treatments in Philadelphia, I remained with no relief from severe pain and had minimal movement in my neck, left arm and hand. I was at a complete loss as to where my life would go and living day to day on pain medication and anti-depressants. After one and one half years, I was referred to a neurologist in Albany, NY, who after thorough examination and testing, suggested I go to HSS. In addition, another doctor I had seen in New Jersey, also suggested going to HSS and specifically, see Dr. Todd Albert.

I headed to NYC for a consultation with Dr. Albert, who treated me with respect and thorough care. He ran his own MRIs and tests rather than relying on other providers’ analyses and diagnostics. After the tests and examination, he saw probable causes of my pain in the C4-7 spine area and scheduled a third surgery promptly where others would not. His assistants and staff were extremely helpful in getting me scheduled for a third surgery and through the preliminary process in order to expedite the resolution of my pain.

The surgery was a major success!! He was able to repair the damage and make my neck structurally sound once again. The entire hospital and its staff from the beginning through my final day at HSS was truly professional, caring, concerned and respectful and made me feel comfortable and in good hands. Everyone took the time to explain what the issues were, how the surgery would proceed, how long the rehabilitation would take, and what to expect after surgery and beyond.

I am now able to live without pain and am on no medications to relieve pain and depression. I have regained the total movement that I had lost the past two years in my neck, arms, and hand. I have resumed living my life as I did before the accident while taking long walks, riding my bike for over 50 miles a day and am now ready to resume full time employment and reestablish my career.

I am grateful to HSS and to their amazing staff for giving me my life back. Thank you to Dr. Albert and everyone associated with him and HSS. You are the BEST!