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Sarah Baglio

Bronx, NY
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Marathon runner, hiker, swimmer, and outdoor educator are all words used to describe me. I live to be outside and playing. In May 2023 I severely tore my meniscus vertically. I was told it was arthritis and just the effects of aging. I knew something else was wrong and headed to HSS for a second opinion. I am so grateful that I trusted my gut and saw Dr. Shubin Stein. She listened to me and got me into surgery. There was no arthritis and she repaired my meniscus. After six weeks in a locked out brace and months of PT I just ran my first 5K - 7 months and one week from surgery! I could not have done it without Dr. Shubin Stein and Letty Krueger! I am so grateful for their expertise! I am Back in the Game playing with my friends!