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Salome Salome

Woodstock, NY
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I am a professional dancer and choreographer with over 24 years training and experience. Having had one hip replacement 9 years before (posterior) I developed a fractured femoral head on the right side and it became apparent on the MRI. Walking became more limited and I sought out HSS because I knew many dancers had a positive result that enabled them to be active.

Dr. Nawabi was recommended by several other doctors at HSS whom I called in desperation. He specializes in my unusual case and recommended I was a good candidate for the anterior hip replacement due to being active and "in shape".

Although it took many months for the actual appointment, Dr Nawabi was willing to see the MRI before meeting me to learn about my condition in advance.

I was so eager to have the surgery this time (as opposed to 9 years before for the left hip replacement) that I arrived 5 days earlier for my appointment and Dr. Nawabi let me wait until his other patients left so he could meet with me.

His manner was not only kind but genuinely interested in how I mentioned I rehabilitated myself in the past with water dance exercises. I was happy to meet a doctor who was not in a rush and he treated me as an individual.

Everyone at the hospital is very precise and fussy! They take pride in caring about the patient's needs and listen to any issues after the surgery.

I went home and after obtaining all the necessary medication, threw it away on day 2 at home, took a turmeric pill to reduce swelling and found that I could stand up and cook and go up a few steps to the local post office as daily exercise. Unlike the previous posterior hip replacement 9 years before, I did not have difficulty in doing a side lunge to pick something up.. Wearing moccasins with no back was supportive and made it easy to slip shoes on and off.

Each week new progress is experienced. Three months later I performed 2 duet dances and started my swimming exercise which I do indoors in winter and there are photos attached here 9 months later in an outdoor pool in Florida which show some of the exercises I made up with floating barbells. Going into deep water I do bicycle movements and stag leaps as well as "cross country ski" movements.

Going upstairs is sometimes a bit taxing if I am carrying too many items. It is now my new hip's one year anniversary and I feel that it has been a very worthwhile journey. I wish to thank Dr. Nawabi for his brilliance, his humanity and his caring about his patients. He helps his patients get a new lease on life.

April 12, 2021:

My left knee replacement at HSS was in August 2019 with Dr. Peter Sculco. I had originally had a consultation a few years before and due to avoiding the surgery, I had a fall standing still when hot coffee was spilling on the floor. The result was a fractured femur on the left side in 2017.

When I fully recovered, I went immediately to Dr. Sculco. This time I was looking forward to the very necessary knee surgery on the extreme valgus condition of the left knee.

I have been a professional Modern dancer and choreographer for over 3O years. My everyday movement was tremendously limited due to the fragility of this valgus knee.

When I finally went to the surgery, I was pleasantly surprised that they permit your family member or significant other to wait with the patient. Previously I had a hip replacement at HSS in 2015 and that was not permitted.

Dr. Sculco's cheerful and reassuring manner gives his patient true confidence. The result takes a while because the first few weeks are challenging but with great determination I plowed through the hurdles.

Surprisingly, I walked away from the walker by 2 weeks, a week earlier than Dr. Sculco predicted. This video odyssey will sum up the highlights of my joyous recuperation which started after the 6-month marker.

I have been teaching 2 private 9-year-old students in the last few months and even joined them at the ballet barre to do pointe work which I hadn't done since I was 16 years old. Water exercise as soon as possible is one of the best post-surgery exercises after following your physical therapy regime. I highly recommend Dr. Peter Sculco and his entire team for excellent concern and remarkable work doing this complex knee surgery. You will have a new lease on life and feel rejuvenated.