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Ron Daignault

Brooklyn, NY
  • Ron Daignault in the photo 1

I developed pain in my Achilles tendon a couple of years ago - not sure of the cause, but I think it came after overtraining and side effects from taking fluoroquinolone antibiotics for a few weeks to battle pneumonia. It would start to feel better and I would just run through the pain. I managed to run Boston and NYC marathons, and finish the NYC Ironman -- but the injury always came back.

So enough was enough, and I thought I should head back to see Jordan Metzl (he had treated me in 2000 for a stress fracture). An MRI confirmed some tearing of the Achilles. Dr. Metzl recommended a PRP injection with one-month rest. Perfect! I wanted to get back into the Boston Marathon for 2016 so I had registered for the Philadelphia Marathon. Jordan said I would be able to do it and sure enough, I jumped into a two month training plan. I finished in 3:24:20 -- more than five minutes under my BQ time!! It was a great race and it is great to be back in the game!! Thank you Jordan!