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Penny Spellberg

Delray Beach, FL
  • Penny Spellberg in the photo 1

I am originally from a city just south of Boston, Massachusetts. Approximately three years ago, before becoming a resident of Delray Beach, Florida, my back, hip and thigh pain became unbearable to the point of not being able to walk down a grocery store aisle. My PCP at the time misdiagnosed me and told me that within five to ten years I would have to be wheelchair bound. Soon after, I went to an orthopedic specialist, who told me that I needed a hip replacement. A date for surgery was scheduled in Boston. Due to preexisting medical issues, I was not able to have the surgery. There was no follow-up from my doctors. I was devastated.

I then moved to Delray Beach, where I asked the community that I live in if they knew of a reputable PCP and of an orthopedic surgeon. That was when I was told of HSS Florida in West Palm Beach and Dr. John Wang. I met with Dr. Wang soon after and he scheduled a date for my surgery.

Between the help of my PCP, Dr. Wang, and my cardiologist, my hip surgery was performed at the Good Samaritan Medical Center.

There are not enough words of gratitude that I can use to thank Dr. Wang and his staff. I was able to go home the day after surgery.

A fantastic visiting nurse and physical therapist that Dr. Wang arranged for helped me heal quickly. Within one month, I could walk distances. Within two months, I was walking miles. Now, six months later, I am walking up to seven miles a day and swimming 30 laps a day. Not too bad for a 66-year-old woman!