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Patricia Tully-Osborn

Spring Lake, NJ
  • Patricia Tully-Osborn in the photo 1

When I first went to see Dr. Kirschner in January 2015, my left hand was very weak, I had a huge lump on my left elbow, I couldn't lift my arm up above my shoulder, and I had shooting pains from my neck down to my fingertips. Dr. Kirschner examined me and thought I had several different problems. After having an MRI of my neck and brain, and EMG, and several sonograms, he was right on the mark. The epidurals in my neck helped my hand strength, cortisone shots in my shoulder helped my torn rotator cuff and bursitis, and I had a PRP performed on my elbow. I also had 5 months of physical therapy with Brian Simon of Sports Training Physical Therapy in Spring Lake Heights, NJ, which is accredited by Hospital for Special Surgery. I forgot to mention that I'm left handed, so it was difficult to do much of anything with all of my ailments! I am so happy that I am able to swim and be more productive at my business, which is a dance studio. Thank you Dr. Kirschner, you're the best!

I also want to give thanks to Dr. Patrick O'Leary, who operated on my spine September 2007. I had a dropped foot and was unable to walk. I saw him on a Monday. He arranged for all of the tests to happen within 24 hours. I was operated on Wednesday and had an emergency surgery. I would probably be in a wheel chair without his wonderful expertise. My disc had imploded and I needed surgery sooner than later, to try to save my leg. A year later I went back to being able to teach dancing!

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Hospital for Special Surgery and these two amazing doctors.