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Minda Dentler

New York, NY
  • Minda Dentler in the photo 1

My story ...

As an infant in India, I contracted polio, resulting in the paralysis of my legs. I was left in the care of an orphanage until I was adopted by an American family. After moving to America, I underwent a series of surgeries on my hips, legs and back which enabled me to walk with leg braces and crutches. My athletic journey began as a young adult living in NYC, when I was given an opportunity to try handcycling. I made the switch to triathlon (where I complete all three disciplines with her arms) and within 6 years, have won two USA National Triathlon titles (2009, 2011) and completed 25 triathlon and road races. This included my first full Ironman Distance Triathlon in Louisville in 2012, just 6 weeks prior to my first attempt at the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii.

In January of 2013, I sought out the assistance of the experts at Hospital for Special Surgery to address an injury I sustained that prevented me from being able to complete the Kona Ironman course in 2012. I was diagnosed with a rotator cuff injury, and underwent an at the time experimental treatment with Dr. Brian Halpern. Dr. Halpern's treatment allowed me to continue my training without enduring major surgery that would have sidelined me for the entire 2013 season.

On October 12, 2013, I added my name to the Ironman World Championship history books. With a 14:39:14 finish in Kona, I became the first woman handcyclist to officially complete this event, by swimming 2.4 miles, handcycling 112 miles and pushing a racing wheelchair 26.2 miles. This accomplishment led me to have the honor of being nominated for an ESPN ESPY Award for Best Female Athlete with a Disability in 2014. I would not have been able to reach my goals without Dr. Halpern and the cutting edge treatment HSS provides for its clients.