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Michael Sarnoff

New York, NY
  • Michael Sarnoff in the photo 1
  • Michael Sarnoff in the photo 2

I came to Dr. Griffin in the cold, frigid winter of 2014 with the most incredible sciatic pain one can imagine. The pain was running down my left leg and it was unbearable! Dr. Griffin was very nice and patient and listened to my long back history which included a herniated disc operation in August 1999. I have not endured such pain since that operation, Dr. Griffin gave me two injections (about two weeks apart) and the pain subsided. I was very pleased that I did not need the third injection of the cycle. He wrote a prescription for physical therapy following the injections where I went for the next several months. By the end of 2014, I was better and able to resume my workout routine which includes running, cycling and swimming. I highly recommend Dr. Griffin and HSS.