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Michael Crespo

Nyack, NY
  • Michael Crespo in the photo 1
  • Michael Crespo in the photo 2

I’ve always been an active person and I have traveled extensively for work and play. When not working either at home or away, I ride motorcycles, ski, SCUBA and hike. Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you that I am not one who can remain idle for very long.

Late one evening in January of 2015, I slipped on some ice while walking home. I would soon learn that while trying to slow my fall, I aggravated an already injured right shoulder resulting in a torn rotator cuff.

After that spill, my shoulder became increasingly unstable and uncomfortable. In fact, the injury made every activity, including sleep, an uneasy and painful one. A colleague of mine mentioned that he had been treated at Hospital for Special Surgery for his shoulder. After that conversation, I called the Physician Referral Service at Hospital for Special Surgery and they gave me the name of Dr. Frank Cordasco.

Contacting Dr. Cordasco was the best thing I could have done in this situation. At my first appointment, he and his team laid out a seamless plan for treatment and answered all questions. His staff’s professionalism, patience and understanding left no doubt as to the caliber of care which they were accustomed to providing and I was happily about to receive.

My surgery took place on Wednesday, April 1, 2015 and everything went as planned. Dr. Frank explained that everything went well and the injury was a little more extensive than predicted. Having had two previous surgeries for an ACL reconstruction and another for a torn bicep, I had my expectations set that this would be a long and difficult recovery. I was way off.

The first week after the surgery was tough, but gradually the discomfort subsided. And before long I began physical therapy with Amanda Brick at Union Square-Professional PT. With hard work and a desire to return to normalcy, I was quickly able to regain my range of motion and strength.

Nine weeks after surgery, I was visiting a friend in the Caribbean where I felt confident enough and could not resist the tropical waters. Yes, I went diving.

My shoulder feels great. It is stable and pain free and it is all due to the fine work of Dr. Frank Cordasco, his great staff and Amanda Brick. This was an overall very positive experience and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

One side note…My right shoulder, which Dr. Cordasco treated, feels so good that it is now becoming apparent my left shoulder has been somewhat bothersome.

To be continued…