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Maxine Edwards

Brooklyn, NY
  • Maxine Edwards in the photo 1

During 2013, my right leg was becoming increasingly numb to the touch. I saw several doctors who felt it was various things from pinched nerves to complications from a pre-existing migraine condition. By the time I saw Dr. Shetty, my right side up to my ribs was numb and I was beginning to lose my left leg also. She was so incredibly compassionate and took time to thoroughly understand every symptom. A thoracic spine MRI showed a very large disc herniation at T8/9, compressing my spinal cord. Dr. Shetty called me the following day to direct me to Dr. Huang who explained the urgency and severity of my situation.

It was mid-November 2013 and without surgery, Dr Huang explained, I would have been in a wheelchair by the end of the year. Although the information was scary, his demeanor gave me confidence. We scheduled the lengthy surgery for the following week. Dr. Shetty called me the night before the surgery, to wish me well.

Dr. Huang had counseled me that the surgery was to stop further paralysis but in fact, I regained almost all feeling in both legs. Recovery and rehab was tough but I was prepared for that and it has been so incredibly worth it. My PT, Michelle, has been a wonderful partner, as has Dr. Huang throughout. I returned to work full-time, am walking about 15 miles per week and swimming again.

Most importantly, I am so grateful to all at HSS that I am volunteering in the Family Atrium to say thank you.