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Marlene Arvan

New York, NY

For a period of seven years, I felt that HSS was my home away from home. I had two knee replacements and a hip replacement. I NEVER dreamed that I would get Back in the Game. Sixteen years ago I used to race. I also did road races, triathlons, and a Century ride. My knees would hurt like crazy afterwards. I waited way too long for my first surgery on my left knee. A year and a half later, I had to do my left hip because my skeletal system had been straightened and I wasn’t able to walk correctly. Five years after the first surgery, I did my right knee. As soon as it started to really hurt, I called Dr. Coleman. The plan was not to go through all that pain and discomfort again. I NEVER thought I would be able to do another triathlon. After all, I’m almost 70!!

I am overjoyed to let you know that one month ago I completed my first triathlon in a very long time. I finished the race and I came in 3rd in my age group. Holy smokes!

I’m planning for the next one which will be in the middle of September.

I’m BACK, baby!