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Marc Green-Lowe

Parkland, FL
  • Marc Green-Lowe in the photo 1

I had severe multilevel cervical stenosis with significant pain, increasing axonal loss leading to arm, neck and shoulder muscle atrophy. I came to Dr. Zelenty from South Florida for a 2nd opinion. We scheduled surgery two days later based on the confidence I felt in him and HSS.

I am no stranger to hospitals having spent 35 years as a medical device rep that worked in the US, India, Israel and Puerto Rico. Never in my life have have I seen such an incredibly well run and friendly hospital, anywhere!

Five days after surgery I waked 2.5 miles. Today, nine months post-surgery, I have zero pain, am on no meds, can accomplish any physical activity I desire and work out with weights and machines routinely. Weeks before surgery, I was unable to hold a banana up for ten seconds.

It is unlikely everyone will have such remarkable results, but shouldn't you at least try by seeing Dr. Zelenty or the specific physician for your condition at HSS to see?