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Louis Evers

Riverhead, NY
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After visiting 3 ankle doctors on the East End of Long Island, I was told flat out that I needed to walk with a cane or a crutch for the rest of my life. "There's nothing we can do for you with today's technology." I was told. Well I am about the most active person you have ever seen. I scuba dive, water ski, jetski, hike, climb, ride dirt bikes and quads and most of all fish offshore. I could not perform any of these actions without excruciating pain. I was not ready for my life to be over and to spend the rest of it on the couch watching others enjoy the sports that I loved. I searched the internet and found the Hospital for Special Surgery. I watched a few of the information videos about ankle replacements and procedures and I started to get hope. I called for an appointment and waited with excitement for my consultation. I met Dr. Scott Ellis and got a great feeling about him. He spoke with me in detail about the ankle and it's workings. He then sent me for a battery of tests so he could accurately evaluate my ankle. He was shocked to see how bad my ankle was. He said it looked like a "hardware store" in there with all the screws, rods and bolts. Yes, I've been very hard on my body. He said I was a candidate for an ankle replacements, but that I was too young to receive one at this time. He offered another route to hold me over and I gladly accepted it. His staff injected cortisone directly into my ankle joint and into the tendon located inside it by using ultra sound equipment to guide the needle. OMG! All my pain was gone. I walked into the office using a cane and I left the office on cloud 9! It was amazing. Two full years of debilitating pain gone in 5 minutes. I felt like I just won the lottery, actually better than that because now I could enjoy life again. I had no pain at all. I didn't even walk with a limp. Later that day I booked a 2 week vacation to the Caribbean and performed all of the activities listed above and enjoyed every single moment. The pain was gone for approximately 5 months. I made an appointment and went back in for another shot and received the same great feeling walking out of the office. I feel like I have my youth back. Thanks you Dr. Ellis and thank you to your entire staff. You saved my life. Lou Evers