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Larry Lomrantz

Towaco, NJ

I compete in sprint triathlons, bike several times a week and workout daily. Freestyle swimming is part of my regular routine. For over 7 years I have suffered form shoulder pain, weakness and a limited range of motion. Frequent PT has helped to some degree. In 2019 I had arthroscopic surgery in NJ to remove a bone spur and debridement. The pain worsened and the surgeon recommended a reversal shoulder replacement.

I called HSS and was referred to Dr. Joshua Dines. He examined me, reviewed my CAT scan and MRI and told me a standard shoulder replacement would restore me to the level I was seeking. I had the surgery at HSS on February 25, 2020 and spent one night in the hospital. It is now 2 1/2 months later and I am biking 30+ miles and swimming freestyle pain-free. I anticipate full recovery in a month or two. I will be 70-years-old in July and I feel like I am 40 again. I cannot say enough about Dr. Dines and his staff and the staff at HSS. Everything was fully and completely explained to me before and after the operation and the follow up has been excellent.