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Kristin Dailey

Mechanicsburg, PA
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I started experiencing hip pain in June of 2012. After trying everything from rest, to an injection, to steroids, to physical therapy, and after seeing numerous local doctors, I finally saw Dr. Kelly in March of 2013. He indicated that not only did I have a labral tear, but a retroverted femur, an impingement, a torn ligament and cartilage in my hip joint. As a group fitness instructor and personal trainer, I was relieved to finally have an answer and a plan for surgery that would allow me to get back to the active lifestyle I enjoy! My recovery was easy and after four months of physical therapy I was ready to get back to my life. Unfortunately, a tumor a radiologist at HSS detected in my MRI ended up to be malignant much to everyone's surprise. I persevered and completed radiation, tumor excision, and four more months of physical therapy. By January 2014 I was cancer free and back to the active lifestyle I love, teaching classes and training clients. I am grateful for Dr. Kelly and the staff at HSS and for every day on this earth!