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Kevin Fitzpatrick

Norwalk, CT
  • Kevin Fitzpatrick in the photo 1
  • Kevin Fitzpatrick in the photo 2

In 2009 I sought out Dr. Figgie on the advice of a friend and was, in fact, told I needed bilateral hip replacement. My right was done in Dec 2009, my left in June 2010. Due to a defective Durom Cup I needed a revision on the right side in 2011 and then, for no apparent reason another failure required revision on the left side in Feb 2014. In all four circumstances the services and treatment I received at HSS were spectacular. The pre-surgical work ups, the surgery, the post op work with the PT folks, the nursing staff, all the way to the cleaning staff everyone friendly, knowledgeable, supportive and making what could have been a terrible experience into a very easy to deal with bettering of my condition and my attitude.

Today, I am totally pain free, I am jogging 2-3 miles at a clip a few days a week, swimming a mile at a time a couple of times per week in the local health club pool and am making plans, for my 65th birthday in the summer of 2017 to do something I've not done in almost 40 years, get back on a surfboard at Surf Simply in Costa Rica.

I've been a swimmer and active all my life and the years prior to now have been very hard to deal with. Now, however, due to the incredible care from Dr. Figgie and his staff at HSS I am, in fact, "Back in the Game".