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Jose Antonio Fernandez

Lima, Peru
  • Jose Antonio Fernandez in the photo 1

I suffered a knee injury and as a result of this I received the recommendation to undergo partial knee replacement surgery on my left knee. On the recommendation of relatives I came into the hands of the HSS ambassador in Peru, María Elena Quimper, and Katherine Alcantara as my host in NY. From that day on my experience could not be better in the care and dedication that I received from all the staff. Due to the research I carried out and the recommendations received, I decided that the surgery should be performed by Dr. Andrew Pearle who successfully intervened my knee. I expected that my recovery would be slow but my surprise was huge when the same day of the operation I walked out assisted with one crutch. Following the rehabilitation in an orderly manner, I managed to exceed the scheduled times and I returned to take long walks, swimming, tennis, golf and other sports in 4 months. Today I am completely recovered and very happy with the result. To the HSS team my eternal gratitude, you changed my life!