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Jenny Kline

Washington, PA
  • Jenny Kline in the photo 1
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My story is a long one and I am so incredibly grateful Dr. Kelly and his staff have been a part of it! I was first diagnosed with femoroacetabular impingement in 2007 (left side) and 2008 (right side). I developed athletic pubalgia to go along with it (2010), and required 4 surgeries to address these problems, three of which were performed at HSS by Dr. Kelly. (The fourth, my sports hernia, was with a physician closer to home.)

The road to HSS back in 2007 was, in itself, long and confusing, but when I found Dr. David Stone, my hometown physician, and he referred me to Dr. Kelly, I finally found the answers I was looking for. I had developed debilitating pain that seemed to stump everyone. I struggled to stay active. As a lifelong athlete, the more I move, the better I feel, but with my pain level I had gotten to the point where I could no longer walk even short distances. I was spending longer and longer periods of time laying on ice packs, heating pads--anything to try to cut the pain.

After my first two surgeries, with good physical therapy I was able to increase my activity dramatically. I've participated six times in the Great Ohio Bike Adventure, riding 250+ miles and camping with my family. I've completed two triathlons! I won my age group in a five-mile run--this from someone who couldn't cover a city block! I am about 7 months from a hip scope on my right side (revision of my 2008 surgery) and I just found a new love, paddle boarding! I am excited to see what kinds of activities are now in front of me. I could never have imagined how life-changing these surgeries would be. There are many, many more chapters to this story than I'm typing here, but in the interest of brevity I'm leaving out most of the gory details. Suffice it to say that Dr. Kelly and HSS literally saved my life.

Throughout my seven years as his patient, he has worked with me, my local doctor, and local physical therapist to develop a comprehensive treatment strategy. He and his staff have always been available to me and they make me feel like I'm in an old-fashioned, family doc practice. They are deeply invested in my recovery and my return to activity, and treat their patients with the utmost kindness and respect. Amazing doctor, amazing practice. Who knew I'd get a miracle?