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Jenny Arnold

New York, NY
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I highly recommend the fantastic team at HSS!

My story begins with a stress fracture in my left femoral neck that was misdiagnosed as tendinitis while I was studying abroad in Paris in 1997. On the last day of class, I tripped and fell and the stress fracture broke through, and I had to have emergency surgery that same day in Paris. This set off a series of complications that would ultimately lead to five more surgeries at three different hospitals over the course of the next year, a failed vascularized fibular graft, an infection, and eventually a total hip replacement - all at the ripe old age of 21.

Fast forward sixteen years…. Now living in NYC, I fortuitously paid a visit to HSS and discovered that it was time for a revision.

I was somewhat anxious heading into a 7th hip surgery given my past experience. However, my surgeon was very thoughtful, patient, and thorough in answering my MANY questions, and he (along with his wonderful coordinator Selina) even squeezed me in for an earlier surgery date given the urgency of my situation. I went into the OR feeling very confident about my care.

In the hospital, my surgeon, Dr. Kollakuzhiyil (internist), Dr. King (anesthesiologist) and the HSS staff were all super competent and kind, and I joked that the entire experience felt like a day at the spa compared to some of my previous surgeries.

Leading an active lifestyle is incredibly important to me – I love swimming, biking, hiking, skiing, Pilates, you name it – so I especially appreciated HSS' commitment to helping me return to my previous mobility soon after surgery. I was back at work without any swelling after just a few weeks and sprinting butterfly and doing flip turns in the fast lane again with my Masters swim team within a few months.

Given my age and activity level, it’s highly likely that I’ll need additional revisions over the course of my lifetime, so I feel very fortunate to have met the folks at HSS at this stage of the game. It’s hard to imagine getting better care anywhere else, and I know I’m in the best possible hands going forward.