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Jasmine Johnson

New York, NY
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I'm a lifelong swimmer and have gotten involved in marathon swimming in the last few years. I became a patient at HSS when I began having shoulder pain about a year ago, and was able to continue training after going through physical therapy. This year I set my sights higher and registered for an event called 20 Bridges, a 28.5 mile swim around Manhattan Island.

Despite the COVID pandemic and pool and gym closures, I was able to train at the beach and spent many hours in the elements during winter, spring, and summer to prepare for this race. Two weeks prior to my race while in the water I developed shoulder pain that was different than any I'd experienced before. I was crushed, wondering if an injury so late in the game would prevent me from finishing. I saw Dr. Robinson the next day and he was able to give me a steroid injection for biceps tendonitis and suspected labrum tear. By the next day my shoulder felt better than new, and I successfully completed my swim around Manhattan without any issues!

Now that the event is behind me, I'm looking forward to rehabbing my injuries and a rest cycle while I plan my future endeavors. I'm so grateful for the excellent care at HSS and for keeping me in good condition, so I can keep doing what I love!