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James Kane

Annandale, NJ
  • James Kane in the photo 1

My name is Jim Kane. Approximately four years ago I started to limp very slightly. I didn't think anything of it. Over the next year and a half the limp became worse. I visited a local orthopedic practice who informed me after an x-ray that I had osteoarthritis of the left hip. Their diagnosis was that my hip was beyond treatment and had to be replaced. I decided to hold off because I was still able to function normally despite my condition and more importantly because the physician was extremely condescending to me. A year and half after my diagnosis I was no longer able to run, I could bike and swim on a limited basis and I could only walk two or three hundred yards before having to stop due to the pain. My father strongly advised that I look into HSS.

I met with Dr, Rose in October of 2016. I immediately liked him. He was very down to earth and quite different in attitude from my local physician. I was very concerned that I would be out of work for months. Dr. Rose assured me that wasn't necessarily the case. In short, I had my hip replaced on December 6th, walked to my daughter's Christmas Concert on December 22nd, rode my bike outside on January 2nd and returned to work full time on January 4th. Since that time I have been walking, biking and swimming pain free. I hope to be running on a limited basis before the end of the summer. In our first meeting Dr. Rose told me he could get me back to where I was and he did. I cannot thank him enough.