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Jadyn Koss

New City, NY
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As a collegiate diver, I was training 6 days a week before a sudden hip pain kept me out of the water with no answers. I saw Dr. Sink at the end of the summer who provided me with an answer to why I was in so much pain and a fix for it other than a total hip replacement on a 19-year-old. In May 2019, I went through PAO surgery with a scope to clear out severe arthritis and fix both the hip dysplasia and impingement. By 6 weeks post-op I was walking without crutches and minimal pain. Fast forward to almost exactly 6 months post-op and I was cleared to return to diving. Although I will not be competing this season, I’ve been able to train and get back into shape in preparation for next season. This is with almost no pain in jumping around on the diving board and lifting weights! In addition to my sport, I no longer have pain while sitting, lying in bed, or walking long distances!