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Inger Beisner

Hyde Park, NY
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My ankle replacement surgery 5-13-12

A thousand thanks to Dr. Matthew M. Roberts and Dr. Scott J. Ellis. Due to these wonderful doctors and their superior medical knowledge I am now able to walk, swim, bike, participate in aqua aerobics and many more activities without fear and pain.

I first went to see Dr. Roberts about my ankle concerns several years before my ankle replacement surgery. Due to the severity of the pain, I was afraid the ankle would not support me and I would fall down especially when I stepped out of my car or rose from a chair.

When I first met Dr. Roberts my only option was an ankle fusion. This was not the ideal solution for me and I decided against it. However, over time, the pain became more persistent and the fear of falling greater. So, I returned to Dr. Roberts' office. This time he had some really good news for me. He told me of a new procedure where they were able to replace the ankle joint. He said that there were few candidates as the bones had to be aligned properly. X-rays would determine if I was eligible. X-rays were taken and hooray I was a candidate. A date was set for the surgery. It is now over two years since my surgery and I couldn't be happier. It was the best decision I ever made. I got my life back. A thousand thanks, again, to Dr. Roberts and Dr. Ellis.