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Gerard Conway

Monmouth Beach, NJ
  • Gerard Conway in the photo 1
  • Gerard Conway in the photo 2

Throughout life in my younger years, I was a very active athlete in a variety of sports including biking, hiking, football, softball, track and triathlons. In 2004, at age 43, I'd had enough. I could no longer walk without severe pain and swelling in both knees due to arthritis. I couldn't be athletic, coach youth sports or play with our four sons, and was generally headed towards an unhealthy path of weight gain and general inactivity. At that time, I visited with Dr. Haas at HSS, and after considering all options, decided to move forward with bilateral knee replacement. Six months post-op, I was Back in the Game after rigorous physical therapy. Resuming athletics resulted in a huge improvement in my health, most specifically in substantial weight loss. I took on two new sports, long distance prone paddle boarding and open water swimming. A highlight was completing a 32 mile open ocean paddle board course from Catalina Island to Manhattan Beach, California in 2015! Unfortunately, my battle with arthritis flared up in both shoulders. HSS came to the rescue again, with right shoulder replacement by Dr. Ed Craig in 2014, followed by the left shoulder by Dr. Lawrence Gulotta earlier this year in 2019. Back in the Game big time now, I was able to complete a 3 mile open ocean swim in 2018 and 500 mile bike ride across Iowa this past summer. I am able to continue my open water swimming and prone paddle boarding vigorously. Bravo HSS!