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Emmanuel Tabi

Brooklyn, NY
  • Emmanuel Tabi in the photo 1
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My story cuts across from the continent of Africa to the Great City of New York, USA. Growing up in Ghana I came to realize how my congenital disorder of one arm longer than the other affected my self-esteem and interaction with other children of my age. However in coming to the USA and particularly New York I was determined to find a solution to this disorder because if anything can happen it must be here in New York.

Luckily enough, after about twenty years in the city a friend of mine made mention of Dr. Rozbruch at HSS whose wife has had a procedure done by him. I didn't hesitate to make an appointment to see him and my first meeting with him was very encouraging. In July 2008 I had this abnormality corrected and since then I've felt very happy about the whole procedure. Dr. Rozbruch and his team were excellent and showed a high level of professionalism with their work. The Hospital Staff at HSS were phenomenal and will always be a place to recommend anyone for any Orthopedic procedure. I have been really pleased with the procedure and I continue to enjoy my new humerus length by going to the gym, swimming and doing other exercises without being ashamed of exposing my upper body and nobody recognizing the differences in the lengths of the two arms. Thanks to Dr. Rozbruch and his team of experts. Continue to do the good work.