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Eileen Woodley

Palm Beach, FL
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It all started when I forgot there is one step down into my living room. That’s how I fell. No big deal until I tried to get up. Next thing I know I’m in the ambulance on my way to the hospital. After my surgery I was in constant pain. A wheel chair became my best friend. Then a walker comes along to step in to give the wheel chair a break. No more fancy shoes, orthotics took their place. 9 months later and I still could not walk, Something had to be wrong, I couldn't walk. It certainly wasn't from lack of trying. I would spend all day wishing I could walk again. I was determined to find answers and determined to walk again and getting back to do the things I love doing. Then in a roundabout way I discovered HSS and made an appointment. That was when I met an HSS hip and knee surgeon.

As my surgeon was showing me my x-ray he explained, in detail by drawing a picture on the paper of the exam table, the reason why I could not walk. He told me I need surgery immediately. When I asked him if I would be able to walk again. His answer was, "Yes, you will walk again I promise, that is what we do.” I felt confident and believed him. I was so excited to hear that there was hope for me and I couldn’t wait to have my surgery. What I kept wishing for and dreaming about was finally going to come true. My surgeon made me feel special. I can still remember his smile when he told me before going into surgery I wouldn’t need orthotics any more. I could put them on the shelf as a conversation piece. Now I start my day by walking down 5 flights of stairs. Then I walk for a half hour along the beach. There after I walk up the 5 flights of stairs again. In the afternoon I swim 30 laps. No more orthotics, no more cane or walker. My surgeon made my dream come true. It really is a miracle what he has done for me.