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Donna Goettler

Wallingford, CT
  • Donna Goettler in the photo 1
  • Donna Goettler in the photo 2

While on a cruise I slipped and fell hard, resulting in tearing 2 1/2 of my 3 hamstrings right off my pelvis. After consulting with 5 surgeons here in CT, and being told they could not help me we decided to go to our neighboring state, NY. Immediately after meeting Dr. Rodeo I knew he was the surgeon for me. Not only did he tell me with confidence that he could reattach the hamstrings, but he said since the injury involved my sciatic and other nerves, he wanted to team up with Dr. Wolfe. In December 2009 I went in for the surgery, and after spending a miserable 6 weeks in "the brace" I was once again walking and working on getting my strength back in my leg. Dr. Rodeo was amazing and so caring. The surgery wound up being a bit more complicated than expected as far as the scar tissue fused to my nerve, but Dr. Wolfe expertly did his magic. Today I have no nerve issues or numbness, and have regained most of the strength in my leg. These two surgeons gave me back my life. I had this surgery to remain active and enjoy my life, and that's just what I do! In addition to skiing, swimming and walking, I recently hiked the Presidential Range in New Hampshire and finished at the summit of Mt. Washington! Thanks to Drs. Rodeo and Wolfe, I am truly back in the game!