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Colleen Braak

New Jersey, NJ
  • Colleen Braak in the photo 1

Although I am early in my healing, Dr. Lebl has given me the greatest of gifts already - I woke up from multi-level major spinal surgery with the ability to regain control of my right arm already returned to me!

I recall my Father’s often used expression of exclamation and wonder. A particular endearingly colloquial expression at reclamation of good fortune and tides turned. “Now for that - I’d cut off my right arm!"

I believe that it’s a battlefield exclamation, ingrained in the consciousness of those who defended Our Nation in wartime, like my Father. I wish I could shout out loud, “The use of my right arm has been returned to me, by the surgeon Dr. Lebl!"

Dr. Darren Lebl, orthopedic spine surgeon, is a great blessing that I am endlessly thankful for.

For Dr. Lebl’s surgical expertise, his diagnostic precision, and his compassionate care, I am ever grateful! He explains your conditions, the options, and goals of each step of the surgical procedure in full clarity, detailing the necessary procedures to regain functionality. Using your MRIs and radiological images, Dr. Lebl illustrates and conveys to you, his patient, a thorough understanding of your surgical treatment goals. In easily understood clarity and with compassionate patience Dr. Lebl explains procedures expertly. In respectful listening to your concerns, from your very first diagnostic meeting throughout your surgical experience at HSS, and throughout your post-surgical recovery process, Dr. Lebl and his staff provide unsurpassable, inimitable world class care!

When it comes to choosing your spinal surgeon, know that who and where you choose enables the quality of the rest of your life.

I wish to express my great appreciation and gratitude to Dr. Darren Lebl, the entire staff involved in my care at HSS, and to also the tirelessly professional dedication of Jiselle Manohar, Dr. Lebl’s office manager at Hospital for Special Surgery.

Thank You,

Colleen Braak

Date of Surgery: September 22, 2017