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Celine Stahl

Greenwich, CT
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Dr. Bostrom is the consummate professional, surgeon, teacher and role model. He is personable, positive, practical, meticulous, caring, and dedicated; simply the BEST. Following total hip replacements in 2013 (left) and 2015 (right) for severe DJD and hip fractures, Dr. Bostrom gave me an improved quality of life with enhanced functionality, ease of movement, minimal to no pain and a renewed pleasure for everyday life. I got my independence back and I returned to enjoying my two passions: swimming and walking my dog. Prior to each surgery, I was homebound, in debilitating pain and unable to complete my activities of daily living. Multiple other serious medical problems made me a challenging case. But Dr. Bostrom was not dissuaded nor did he quiver. His equanimity, years of experience, unparalleled skills and steadfast commitment to patient care all coalesced to give me two successful THR outcomes and a new lease on life. I am eternally grateful to Dr. Bostrom and his staff for terrific care pre and post-surgery and highly recommend him without any hesitation to anyone in need of hip arthroplasty. I also must recognize and thank Dr. Hollis Potter, Chairman of Radiology and Imaging at HSS for her support and expertise.