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Carlene Messinger

Upper Saddle River, NJ
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Dr. Metzl,

I’m so grateful for your care, professionalism, and expertise taking care of me and my knee as I trained for my first ever Ironman. If you recall, I came to you “neurotically” thinking I fractured my tibia. You told me to chill out and that I would be fine! You treated me individually and thoroughly with my diagnosis and treatment plan. I listened to you, followed your brilliant instructions AND the rest of my Ironman training was excellent and my race was a success! I got to the starting line healthy and strong (I do your strength exercises as well) and I finished my first Ironman healthy and strong! This Ironman was not only about completing an Ironman I set out to do the BUT, most importantly, it had significant meaning. I have a “quick” story for you why this was the case.

I did this Ironman with a purpose and a cause. My mother is currently living with and suffering from severe Alzheimer’s disease. I did this in honor of her and for “The Longest Day” charity cause through the Alzheimer’s Association. My mother has always been my biggest fan in all of my athletics growing up. I did triathlon from 2009 to 2012 (I did Sprint, Olympic, and 2 x 70.3 distances then stopped the sport because I wanted to be a mother to my 3 daughters first and foremost). My mom came to most of my races and was so so proud and excited every time I did a triathlon - it meant the world to her to watch me race. In 2012 when I stopped triathlons, I thought I would never do a triathlon again, but then when my mom was diagnosed with this horrible disease 1 1/2 years ago, I found my passion again in swim/bike/run.

Swimming, running and biking took my mind off the sadness I was experiencing as my mom began to disappear before my eyes. It was then that I decided that I wanted to use my passion for triathlons to make a difference and to fight for my mom and the millions of others suffering from this disease. The Ironman distance being such an enduring event seemed only appropriate to me to create awareness and increase the understanding of this horrendous disease in our communities. I became an Alzheimer’s advocate and began speaking publicly about this disease, its devastating effects on the individuals suffering from it as well as the hardships the caregivers must endure as their loved ones deteriorate literally before their eyes. All of this being said, I never really thought about my performance in the Ironman but only to accomplish this event for my “Why”.

After you treated my knee and I followed your recovery instructions, I had full confidence in my training from this moment on through race day. Additionally, given your athletic background and experiences, (10 x Ironman - amazing!!!!!) I trusted your words for my recovery and being “great” to do my Ironman. The fact that I got to this Ironman healthy, uninjured, being the most fit ever in my entire life at 51 years old, mentally focused with my purpose and my why, AND then to be able to finish healthy and strong .... most importantly accomplishing my goal of raising over $7,000 for the Alzheimer’s Association, is beyond a blessing to me and my family.

It has been through this Ironman journey with your help that I have been able to create a greater awareness to so so many people nationwide about this disease! I accomplished my WHY. The performance I had and my 2nd place finish was the icing on the cake. Thank you again for everything, Dr. Metzl!