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Barbara Kurian

Pound Ridge, NY
  • Barbara Kurian in the photo 1

I had total knee replacement September, 2014 after 50 years of wearing a stabilizing brace due to osteoarthritis and in my 20's, meniscus removal on both sides of my knee. Six weeks after surgery I was back on the upright bike and waking a mile a couple times a week. My goal was "To Get Back in The Game" on the ski slopes in 2016. In early February of 2016, I was back on the ski slopes in Sun Valley, Idaho, schussing down beginner and intermediate trails from the summit of 9,500 feet. . .with some pretty steep inclines. No knee pain or swelling and back in the groove! Now I can look forward again to skiing with my young grandchildren. Once again I can enjoy the ecstasy I have always experienced carving through the snow.

I also am back to playing tennis, pickle ball, weight training and swimming.

Bottom line: my excellent physical and mental health in very large part is due to me continuing to be physically active.

To Dr. Warren and his staff and HSS, I am forever grateful

Barbara Kurian, age 72