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Anthony Dardis

Brooklyn, NY
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I had a shoulder that was "frozen" for about a year (adhesive capsulitis). It stopped me from all activities with my shoulder (I had been doing masters swimming pretty seriously up until then). I saw a couple of other MDs and physical therapists and got nowhere. I found the article "Adhesive Capsulitis : A Review of Current Treatment" by Andrew S. Neviaser and Jo A. Hannafin of Hospital for Special Surgery (American Journal of Sports Medicine). I called Dr. Hannafin's office and they referred me to Dr. Strickland. Dr. Strickland recommended doing capsular release surgery more or less immediately. The experience was just great: Dr Strickland explained clearly and carefully what she was going do to and, afterward, how it went. Dr. Strickland connected me with Theresa Chiaia at the HSS Sports Rehabilitation and Performance Center. Theresa was absolutely wonderful. I began swimming again about 3 months later and worked back up to full workouts in about a year. Swam a meet for the first time last week, came in second in my age bracket for a couple of events for the meet (and in one of them, I'm ranked #5 for all results filed this year in the US, as of today anyway!).