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Andrew Gervino

Rockville Centre, NY
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Newton’s Law of Inertia states that "things in motion stay in motion” and this is the ethos that I’ve lived by entire life. However, after a lifetime of sports, fitness, and adventures my right hip decided to retire in 2017. Having been a goalie in ice hockey, rugby player, half Ironman, and marathon runner, my hips and athleticism are a critical part of defining who I am as a person. So, when the doctors told me I had no cartilage remaining on my right hip, I went to the internet and did extensive research as to what was the best course of action for a 38-year-old. That research brought me to traditional hip replacement, stem cell, PRP, hip resurfacing, and physical therapy options. I flew to Seattle to meet with top stem-cell doctors, met with three hip replacement doctors and the world renowned HSS & Dr. Edwin Su.

Deep down, I knew all along that cutting the largest and strongest bone in the human body was not the right choice, so I underwent stem cell therapy to regrow my own cartilage, I waited and unfortunately nothing improved. It was then that the realization of surgery was inevitable, two years into this painful journey. Unable to bend or run and living in pain with a limp left me relegated to cycling and swimming, not able to chase after my three kids; it was time for action.

I went back to Dr. Su and planned my surgery and there I was seven days away when my phone rang and HSS was cancelling all appointments due to COVID. The pain continued until July 7, 2020, but after 1,040 days in pain Dr Su and the great staff at HSS worked their magic amid a pandemic. I was up and walking , even if only a few feeble steps, only hours post-surgery and continued my progression walking with only a cane for one mile 10 days later. Since then, the great staff at Ivy Rehab and HSS have restored my physical ability and confidence in pursuing daily living and now getting back to being an athlete. I was able to run on the underwater treadmill only eight weeks post-surgery. Every week I am amazed at my continued progress and enjoying being finally pain free. I have plans to do my first triathlon less than a year post surgery as a rebirth into competitive sports. I want to give a heartfelt thank you to the HSS and Ivy Rehab staff for helping me continue to define who I am through my passions.