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Zosia Campisi

Staten Island, NY
  • Zosia Campisi in the photo 1

I am mom of two and a Physical Therapist. I started having foot pain from my left bunion that limited my walking. I couldn't walk my dog more than 5-10 minutes without sharp pain. Despite changing shoes, my pain persisted and walking or being active with my young children became difficult. I knew if I had to have surgery there was only one place I would go and it was HSS. I made an appointment with Dr. Elliott and knew I was in good hands. We set a date for surgery and I was anxious but excited to help my foot. After a two month recovery between a cast and a walking boot I was able to wear sneakers. School was out and I was able to be active with my kids, walk my dog and have no sharp pain. It is now one year later and I am so happy to have had the surgery. I walk daily for over an hour and have no pain. I am thankful for the fantastic outcome and having my life back. As a health care professional and patient I can honestly say the staff of HSS was on point, skilled and had 5 star customer service. The surgery was life changing. Thank you!