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Zoltan Nagy

Skillman, NJ
  • Zoltan Nagy in the photo 1

While I wasn’t necessarily running triathlons, winning sumo wrestling competitions or cliff diving from Acapulco prior to having hip replacement surgery, I was a pretty active 50 something male. Before I saw Dr. Nawabi at Hospital for Special Surgery, I had two other orthopedists advise me to put off hip replacement surgery for as long as possible because my condition “wasn’t that bad”. And they were right, it wasn’t that bad. I wasn’t in daily agony and could get by if needed. But slowly by slowly, not only was my limp getting worse but I was having to give up things that I really enjoyed doing – tennis, jogging, skiing, hiking and finally golf. I decided I didn’t want to just gimp on by in life, I wanted to get back in the game.

After having the anterior hip replacement surgery performed by Dr Nawabi at HSS, I am now going in the other direction. Being able to start playing tennis and golf, go hiking and skiing and even do some light jogging. I was very surprised at how pain-free the procedure was. The staff at HSS was excellent and while spending time at a hospital is never a fun experience, it was quite easy. In fact, the hardest part of the recovery process has been to listen to Dr Nawabi’s advice on taking things easy while my new hip healed. I felt so good and pain free that I wanted to get back into things right away. But heeding his advice and after a few months including some physical therapy, I am now back in the game.